a bocking 14 comfrey field
A comfrey field in flower

B-actif manufactures and sells organic garden products and specialises in producing comfrey root cuttings. Based at our organic farm in Brittany we have developed a unique range of natural garden fertilizers that are 100% plant -origin. Other than comfrey, our product range contains ingredients such as seaweed, nettle and beet extracts, alfalfa (or lucerne) in differing concentrations to produce the perfect liquid and solid feeds for the garden, lawn, borders, houseplants and veg patch.

Our philosophy is to use plants for maintaining healthy soils, lawns, gardens and vegetable patches, thereby reducing our dependance on chemicals and the risk of contamination through the use of animal by-products such as blood, bone and feathers. All our products conform to French standards and legislation governing products usable for organic agriculture and food production. Our fertilizers are all concentrated, stabilised, contain NO CHEMICALS OR ANIMAL BY-PRODUCTS and, for the first time ever, NON SMELLY!

Organic comfrey fertilizer.

Comfrey is one of those wonder plants that contains a barrage of growth-promoting elements like nitrogen, potassium, allantoin and vitamin B12, a variety of trace elements and natural growth hormones that boost plant resistance, flowering and fruiting. No garden should be without this plant; not only does it supply the gardener with a great fertilizer for life, but also you will be astonished by the number and variety of insects that are drawn to its beautiful bell-shaped flowers. If you are interested in planting comfrey in your garden we can supply root-cuttings of the variety Bocking 14, a hybrid variety developed by Henry Doubleday and documented by Lawrence D. Hills in his book Comfrey Past, Present and Future, which will stay put and not invade your garden. Buy our Bocking 14 root-cuttings, plant them, and very quickly you will have large volumes of foliage that may be cut 3 or 4 times during the growing season and used to make your own comfrey fermented comfrey liquid, compost activator, or simply placed around the base of transplants as a slow-release mulch feed. making my own comfrey liquid juice feed is a very simple process, and being very rich in potassium, is the ideal complement to nettle juice which is more nitrogen-rich. Together they make the perfect flower and fruit fertilizer. Click here for comfrey liquid video To discover our range please click on the images below. Links: organic gardening, organic agriculture, organic farming.

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